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Autodesk Helius PFA: Advanced Material Simulation For Light-Weighting
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Plastics, composites, and other advanced materials are replacing metal across multiple industries. The main benefit provided by replacing metallic designs with advanced material designs is the ability to make a product lighter. Advanced materials add challenges to the design process for parts, assemblies, and structures that use these materials. The material behavior is often non-linear, anisotropic, and influenced by how products are manufactured. Helius PFA software provides powerful capabilities for simulating these beneficial but complex materials within a mechanical design. The Helius PFA software suite includes Advanced Material Exchange software for mapping manufacturing data from Moldflow Insight to structural simulation. Join Autodesk, Inc., to learn about the newest features, use cases, best practices for using Helius PFA software, and on the future of advanced material simulation at Autodesk.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the newest features available in Helius PFA 2016
  • Learn how to identify use cases and the benefits for using advanced material simulation tools
  • Learn best practices for using Helius PFA
  • Discover the future of advanced material simulation at Autodesk


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