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AutoCAD® Civil 3D®: An All-Around Geospatial Software Package

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    Currently at Nellis Air Force Base, our geospatial data is managed using three different software platforms. Data is collected using Trimble® surveying equipment and processed in a Trimble® software suite. The data is then brought into our ArcSDE database using ESRI or AutoCAD® Map 3D software. AutoCAD Map 3D is also used for project designs and as-built management. This process may be simplified by using Autodesk Civil 3D software as a "cradle-to-grave" spatial data software package. Using Civil 3D, the user is able to still connect to ArcSDE, import survey data, manipulate geospatial information, and design new features in the same program. This can be advantageous, especially when tying new features into existing infrastructure. Despite certain limiting factors on a military installation, this class will also cover brief software installation struggles in a military environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Design a new road with corresponding utilities
    • Export points for stakeout survey
    • Import points using three different methods: FBK, CSV file types, and Trimble Link
    • Connect to GIS data