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AutoCAD® Civil 3D®: An All-Around Geospatial Software Package
Timothy Bass, Laralee Doebler + 1 co-speaker
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Currently at Nellis Air Force Base, our geospatial data is managed using three different software platforms. Data is collected using Trimble® surveying equipment and processed in a Trimble® software suite. The data is then brought into our ArcSDE database using ESRI or AutoCAD® Map 3D software. AutoCAD Map 3D is also used for project designs and as-built management. This process may be simplified by using Autodesk Civil 3D software as a "cradle-to-grave" spatial data software package. Using Civil 3D, the user is able to still connect to ArcSDE, import survey data, manipulate geospatial information, and design new features in the same program. This can be advantageous, especially when tying new features into existing infrastructure. Despite certain limiting factors on a military installation, this class will also cover brief software installation struggles in a military environment.

Key Learnings

  • Design a new road with corresponding utilities
  • Export points for stakeout survey
  • Import points using three different methods: FBK, CSV file types, and Trimble Link
  • Connect to GIS data


 Timothy Bass
Timothy Bass
Timothy is an Engineering Journeyman in the United States Air Force, and is currently assigned to the 99th Civil Engineering Squadron at Nellis AFB. He has served in the Air Force for 3 years, and been at Nellis for the majority of that time. During his time at Nellis his primary duties have consisted of drafting, surveying, and GIS mapping. He has led the drafting team for the last year. He is a student of Construction Management at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has led classes and trains military personel both formal and informal setting. He is an AutoCAD Certified Professional, and an Autodesk Civil 3D Certified Associate.

 Laralee Doebler
Laralee Doebler
Laralee Doebler is a GIS Analyst at Nellis Air Force Base. She received her Associates of Science in General Studies from Colorado Technical University and proceeded to American Sentinel University for her B.S. in GIS. She is Certified in both AutoCad and Revit. Her prior military experience as well as her work with both structural and civil engineering firms has helped her to gain over 10 years of experience in the engineering field. Since joining Nellis she has customized, implemented, and trained on various Autodesk programs and procedures.

 Catherine Hall
Catherine Hall
Cathy Hall has been the Geospatial/CAD manager for 4 years at 99 CES, Nellis AFB. Cathy has over 10 years of combined work experience as an active duty military member and civilian in CAD, GIS, Surveying, and Project Management for MILCON. She currently holds degrees in A.S. Building Technology/Construction, B.S. Information Technology, and finishing her graduate certificate in Geospatial Intelligence. Cathy has been involved representing the Air Force in local seminars as a panelist. Cathy spoke last year at the GeoBase conference on the Nellis AFB’s implementation of the Shadow training program showcasing the interoperability of 3 software platform to manage CAD as-built and GIS data in SDE Enterprise Environment, process and workflow, what worked and didn’t work while keeping up with low manning and budget constraints. Sustainability of the business process is a step forward in preparation for the upcoming USAF Civil Engineer’s NextGen IT initiative and BIM implementation.

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