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AutoCAD Utility Design: NV Energy's Agile Approach

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    You decide to implement new software into your business process. You define requirements, design, and development, and then you unit test. You hand it over to Quality Assurance. In several months, you will be ready show the business and they can validate through user acceptance testing. Right? Not necessarily! Do it all up front with the agile methodology. NV Energy made the decision to leave the waterfall mindset behind. Listen to a proven success story of implementing a large design tool on time and on budget with the commitment of business, IT, and development.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify why AutoCAD Utility Design software provided the right tool to complement NV Energy's work management system
    • Describe the fundamental methodology behind an agile approach
    • List the keys factors that made the agile approach successful for NV Energy's implementation
    • Apply the lessons learned in this class to your own implementation