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AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 CSU Gas Solution: Setup, Work Flow, and Implementation

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    Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) will discuss implementation strategies of AutoCAD Utility Design 2014 software, from gas design to asset realization. Topics that CSU will cover include: AutoCAD Utility Design software's gas configuration when an out-of-the-box template does not exist; uniform process through key functions; data flow; and incorporation into upstream and downstream workflow to produce reliable enterprise engineering designs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about gas design tool requirements and how to build a gas template from scratch when there isn't one
    • Learn how to configure gas functions in gas template to have similar look and feel to electric template functionality
    • Learn how to create an AUD GUI with various strategies from palettes to .NET forms to dynamic macros, custom commands, and macros
    • Understand common integrations with AUD for multiple utilities interfacing with Maximo and Oracle Customer Care and Billing