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AutoCAD: Take AutoCAD on the Road and Go Mobile!

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    Shaun Bryant (CadJedi), a LinkedIn Learning [in]structor, will show you how to take your CAD projects on the road, utilizing the cloud and the AutoCAD web and mobile apps—the mobile and browser-based versions of the classic AutoCAD desktop software. There's no longer any need to hold large drawings down with bricks on-site in order to view them. Learn how to set up your desktop installation of AutoCAD to work with the cloud-based Web and Mobile folders. Discover how to view and edit designs on the fly and in the field from a tablet or smartphone. Using both the AutoCAD mobile app and the AutoCAD web app, you will learn how to access the tools from any mobile device or browser, sync your files across devices, and upload files on the go, as well as edit drawings from a mobile browser or sync them back to the desktop for closer inspection in the warmth of your office. You can even edit markups made in the field using the new Trace functionality!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use your Autodesk account to enable the web and mobile folders in AutoCAD
    • Discover how to work with the AutoCAD web app and the AutoCAD mobile app
    • Learn how you can mark up drawings in the AutoCAD web app and edit drawings on site with the AutoCAD mobile app
    • Discover how to sync markups and edits back in the office with the AutoCAD desktop app