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Artistic CAD and CAM for Architectural and Themed Applications

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    Companies around the world continue to demand unique creative features within the built environment, from architectural sculpture (including custom-carved woodwork, plaster and stone doors, stair railings, columns, archways, and ceilings) right through to the complete immersive fantasy experiences you'll find in casinos, theme parks, and museums. In these cases customers require the appearance of unique handcrafted 'works of art,' while suppliers require the speed, flexibility, and repeatability provided by the latest CAD/CAM tools. In this class you will learn how these come together.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how CNC machining is being employed in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry
    • Learn how to identify components that can be produced more efficiently and economically with CNC
    • Understand how to integrate CAD and CAM into the design process for architecture, engineering, and construction
    • Review real examples of machined parts and "art" for the architecture, engineering, and construction Industry