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Arnold + USD = Love

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    Maximize the power of Pixar's USD with Arnold software in production scenarios. We'll show examples of exporting and importing USD assets—including full shading, material assignments, and render setup—from any of the applications that Arnold supports, such as Maya software, 3ds Max software, Houdini, or Cinema 4D. We’ll also demonstrate how you can take advantage of the power of USD's composition and variants to address common scenarios in modern studio pipelines. All of Arnold software’s effort for USD is open source. You'll learn what's out there and how you can contribute.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import and export USD from any of the applications supported by Arnold.
    • Learn how to use Arnold and USD to build studio pipelines.
    • Learn how to use Arnold and USD in production today.
    • Learn about the Arnold commitment to open source for USD.