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Advanced Manufacturing with Robotic Continuous Fiber Printing Technology

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    Working with robots has always been a challenge. When combined with advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, robots can enable powerful new workflows for industry. This presentation will present an overview of how robots can be used for manufacturing applications and how Autodesk software controls and drives these applications. Our industry partner moi composites srl developed a continuous composite 3D printing process and is able to print glass fiber with a robot arm. Autodesk helped them to create a unique software workflow and helped them to control the process in every printing step. This class will cover: 1) robot best practices; 2) additive manufacturing in combination with robots; 3) combining traditional manufacturing techniques like composite lamination with additive manufacturing; 4) industrial case study for continuous fiber printing.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the fundamentals of multi-axis additive manufacturing
    • Understand the difficulties of robotic manufacturing
    • Improve your project workflow by combining multiple software tools
    • Realise workflow customisation using Autodesk software