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Lecture    CV5088
Advanced Customization of Pipe Networks for AutoCAD Civil 3D
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Do you wish you could make your pipe networks do everything you think they should be able to do? Are you frustrated with the confusing Part Builder interface? This class will dive head first into everything you need in order to create custom pipes and structures, including Part Builder, custom XML data, AutoCAD Civil 3D software parts lists and styles, and custom labels and tables. We will cover the intricate coordination between the different file types that are used, and we'll discuss what each one is specifically for and where to make the appropriate edits. We will go into setting up your templates to use custom parts lists, pipe and structure styles, and a multitude of labels and tables. This class is designed for advanced AutoCAD Civil 3D users who already have a fundamental understanding of the workings of pipe networks.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to navigate the Part Builder interface efficiently
  • Learn how to comfortably edit XML part and catalog files
  • Learn how to build and utilize custom part lists for pipes and structures
  • Learn how to add labels and tables using custom data



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