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Advance Steel Powered by the Magic of Dynamo

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    Dynamo software may be the name of a famous magician, but there's a magician of a different kind with the same name called the Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel. In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to make a basic portal frame structure by modeling first in Dynamo a standalone programming environment where you the designer will create it programmatically and then preview it in real time in Advance Steel software. During this lab, we'll introduce you to the basic commands and functionality of the Dynamo Extension, including schemes to create sections, assign materials, and so on. We'll demonstrate how the model is linked and updated directly into Advance Steel by the extension. Learn from a real-world live demonstration how the implementation and creation of automated customizations to generate models from Dynamo to Advance Steel will drive efficiency, resulting in productivity gains for your business.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify and understand the basic commands and functionality in Dynamo
    • Learn to create automated customizations to models in Dynamo
    • Discover how to generate models from Dynamo to Advance Steel
    • Learn how to update models in Advance Steel through Dynamo