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Adding Instrumentation and Electrical Capabilities to Autodesk® Plant Design Suite

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    In this class, we will provide an introduction to the Elecdes Design Suite instrumentation and electrical design tools, with a particular emphasis on their integration with Autodesk Plant Design Suite software. You will learn how to synchronize an instrumentation database with AutoCAD® P&ID software. We will discuss how to add and link components, how to customize templates, and how to use them to produce output drawings and reports. You will learn about plant cable routing and raceway design using a AutoCAD® Plant 3D software model. The class will also cover analysis tools, such as power segregation and tray fill factors.

    Key Learnings

    • Create and customize templates
    • Connect equipment using 3D raceway construction tools
    • Add and connect components in an instrumentation database
    • Generate diagrams and reports