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Achieving 99.99% uptime - a tale of Observability

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    "Observability is a measure of how well a system is behaving looking at its external outputs. At Autodesk we have a goal to deliver services with 99.99% uptime, and we have implemented an observability strategy that has been instrumental in achieving that goal. This class will walk you through the observability strategy we have implemented for the Forge services, and will show you how to implement this strategy on your own web or cloud products and services to deliver high availability, and to quickly respond and remediate customer impacting issues. We will discuss the concepts of observability and how we implemented them with code snippets and examples. We will also cover standard observability concepts, like Service Level Agreements, Logging, Monitoring, and how you can put these concepts together to deliver a strategy that notifies your team of a service issue before your customers (internal or external) see any impact."

    Key Learnings

    • Observability concept and definition
    • Describe and implement SLI, SLO and Error Budgets
    • Describe and implement Synthetic Tests
    • Describe and implement custom metrics, logging, tracing and analytics