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Lecture    ED3608
Accelerated Learning Practices to Learn More and Teach More: Building a Learning Path That Sticks
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It is tough to get people into your classrooms, so when you do it needs to be worth it! Don't let traditional teaching methods corner you—it is time to crack the barriers and realize that there are new ways to get the message out. Not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone learns between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hear a real-life story about how we were able to teach more using Accelerated Learning Practices. Attendees raved about how much they got from a single class.

Key Learnings

  • Use the cloud in the classroom to increase the amount of learning taking place as well as the quality of the content
  • Take advantage of the available computing technology for class projects
  • Help students work on more realistic models to ensure that they can take what they learn in the classroom and convert it to real projects that they are working on in the field



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