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AMG Is Not Just for Machines
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Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) can be a misleading phrase. While a machine knows what specific elevation a surface needs to be, operators are ultimately responsible for the grade. It is important that operators have all of the information to ensure that the equipment is producing design conditions. With only grade specified in an AMG model, it is easy for operators to not understand what they are grading and the importance of grades. This class shows how Sundt Construction uses AMG to communicate with operators. If a roadway is changing from a shoulder to a barrier, it is something operators need to know, but it is not something immediately obvious by looking at a view of a surface. By adding line work and text, it is possible to easily communicate hinge points and any other information that might aid the construction process. Learn about the importance of communicating with the operator, what to communicate, and how to do so. If your firm has technology in the field that is providing information to equipment operators, this class is for you.

Key Learnings

  • Use AMG hardware and software with Autodesk Civil 3D to communicate with the field
  • Use tools in AutoCAD® Civil 3D® to streamline communication
  • Know what is important to communicate
  • Know standard processes for effectively communicating data sets with the field


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