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A 2014 Update to the Revit Schedule and View APIs
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The Revit API available for views and schedules has been extended with several new exciting capabilities in Revit 2014 software. This class takes a detailed look at what you can do with new view and schedule API capabilities. Topics covered include the newly exposed capabilities for view overrides and filters, crop region manipulation, exploded views and viewport layout. For schedules, the class discusses how to use the newly inherited capabilities of TableView to manipulate and access data directly from the rows and columns of schedules. Simple concepts are illustrated with code examples, and more advanced techniques are demonstrated live. It's helpful to watch the AU online class CP3133: Using the Revit® Schedule and View APIs (http://au.autodesk.com/au-online/classes-on-demand/class-catalog/2012/autodesk-revit-for-architects/using-the-autodesk-revit-schedule-and-view-apis) ahead of this class.

Key Learnings

  • Identify new Revit 2014 API tools that are available to manipulate views, sheets, and schedules
  • Set up a custom view from scratch using overrides, filters, and crop regions
  • Use displacement elements to build a custom 3D representation programmatically
  • Go beyond the properties of the schedule definition to read and manipulate the contents of the schedule cells directly



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