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10 Ways for Software Developers to Get Autodesk Support (Forge and Autodesk Developer Network)

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    Whether you’re developing web- and mobile-based solutions, customizing Autodesk desktop software, or building integrations into your enterprise workflows, Autodesk is fully committed to supporting your software development efforts. In fact, there are 10 ways you can get Autodesk support and we keep adding new channels. In this class, we’re going to talk about how to get the best out of the support resources, and how to fit them to your needs as quickly as possible. You can choose from open and community support for Forge in StackOverflow, our advanced Accelerator program, our most recently added tool “The Doctor is in,” Autodesk Developer Network support for your desktop challenges, “ADN Open” online resources, and much more.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a solid understanding of a variety of resources available for software developers.
    • Discover the best support resources that fit your software development needs.
    • Learn how to differentiate between different levels of Autodesk Developer Network membership and Forge online resources.
    • Learn how to connect with the right engineers at Autodesk for your software development challenges.