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10 Useful (and Cool) Forge-Powered Applications
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Join Forge connoisseurs Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston on a lightning tour of Forge-powered web applications that are “in production” today. Through live demos and videos, you’ll discover the amazing applications that Forge customers and partners are building. And, along the way, you’ll pick up some interesting ideas for how Forge can help you. You’ll discover a range of applications—from internal company tools to SaaS applications—in a range of industries. The class will examine as many demos as possible in 60 minutes, so we can’t guarantee that we'll show exactly 10 apps. But we can guarantee that the apps will be useful and cool (and, in some cases, amazing).

Key Learnings

  • Discover Forge.
  • Learn about the capabilities of the Forge APIs.
  • Get inspired to use Forge in your own applications and workflows.
  • Learn about the many ways Autodesk can help you improve your productivity.



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