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November 17, 2022

The Autodesk Platform: AU 2022 Learning for Transformation


Of all the technologies driving the fourth industrial revolution, perhaps none is so central as the cloud. And yet, it’s easy to ignore—there’s not much to see, after all. But the cloud’s remote storage and processing capabilities, available as needed through the network, are what make most AI and machine learning applications possible. What’s more, the cloud frees models and projects from local computers—and frees data from silos—so teams can collaborate, share data, and access digital tools from anywhere. According to Gartner, 95% of all work will take place on cloud-based platforms by 2025. 

The cloud is key to Autodesk’s platform future. At AU 2022, we introduced three cloud-based industry platforms: Autodesk Forma for architecture, engineering, and construction; Autodesk Fusion for product design and manufacturing; and Autodesk Flow for media and entertainment. Underpinning them all is Autodesk Platform Services, the shared set of APIs and services formerly known as Forge. 

The Autodesk Platform will enable you to connect the data, tools, and capabilities that you and your partners need at every phase of a project, no matter where the work is being done or what software it was originally created in. And it will allow you to work with data in more flexible, and more granular ways—sharing only what’s needed with the right people at the right time while keeping it all secure and organized. As Andrew Anagnost said in the General Session at AU 2022, “This is about more than your adoption of digital tools. This is about transforming the way you work with more fluid, connected, and informed workflows.” 


What does this mean for you as a developer, user, or decision maker? Check out these sessions from AU 2022:  

Forge Developer Session 

Join Autodesk CTO Raji Arasu, APS software architect Ben Cochran, and others as they explore what the Autodesk Platform makes possible for companies of all sizes, from independent developers to multi-national construction and engineering firms, and what it means for Autodesk to be cultivating “API as a mindset” among engineering teams.  

Forge-ing a Path to Platform 

Bruce Buck and Dave Graves explain what the Autodesk platform strategy could mean for your business and your workforce, how the current toolsets you use fit into this plan, and how we envision data flowing between Fusion, Forma, and Flow.  

Forge Data Roadmap: Moving from Files to Cloud Data 

Learn how you can work with data more flexibly, streamline workflows across teams and processes, and build on and contribute to the development of Forge Data APIs from the dev team doing the work.  

Managing Informed Design API on Forge 

For those interested in industrialized construction, the Manufacturing Informed Design API will be a simple way to publish product templates from Inventor into Construction Cloud or Fusion Team. In this session, the dev team shares how it will work and how it will allow you to make building decisions based on what’s possible, not just what you’ve done before.  

There’s an App for That?! Get to Know the Autodesk App Store Community 

The Autodesk App store provides a marketplace of prebuilt solutions. The App Developer Partner Program is a new community focused on creating the apps. Join a panel of developers in the program as they share their experience in building with Autodesk APIs.  

Learn more about what the Autodesk Platform means for you anytime at Autodesk University.