Spend less time managing engineering data and more time making great products. Free up capacity for product design and innovation with software solutions for engineering data and processes.

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Model of engineering data management

Data management for engineers

Design data is the source code for your products. Control
this valuable intellectual property with a strategy for
managing engineering data, teams and processes. Make finding
files, maintaining links, avoiding overwritten work
and collaborating easier so you can focus on product
design, not paper pushing.

Get the definitive guide to product data management

Get the definitive guide to PDM

Learn how a file manager made just for engineers can help you to overcome your data and documentation frustrations. Whether you're new to product data management (PDM) or want to take your system to the next level, explore our interactive guide customised to your specific data management needs.

See tools that free up time for product design

  • Video: See how to use PDM systems to share designs and collaborate with engineering teams

    Collaborate with shared views

    Share designs with internal and external stakeholders, without giving data away. Zoom, pan, rotate, explode, measure and add markups right inside the shared view.

  • Video: See how Autodesk PDM software is integrated with Inventor for streamlined engineering data management

    Manage data inside Inventor

    Check files in and out to safely collaborate inside the Inventor workflow. Automatically update associated data, even files placed with AnyCAD.

See how engineering teams use PDM solutions

  • Video: Giffin used Autodesk PDM software to produce and install quality systems, on schedule and within budget


    Automatic revision history tracking

    Product data management systems like file searchability and version control have enabled this integrated finishing process solutions company to smooth engineering processes and better service the automotive industry.

  • Video: Osgood Industries improves design and collaboration engineering efficiency


    Quality and productivity boosts

    See how this process equipment manufacturer has improved efficiency around design and collaboration, simplifying file management workflows and expanding abilities for suppliers and extended teams.

  • Video: Watch how Dis-Tran streamlines processes to provide product and services for utility infrastructure


    Efficiency gains from conception to design

    This utility industry supplier takes electrical power substations from concept to design to manufacture with PDM solutions that help achieve little to no errors throughout the process.

Software for managing engineering data

Everyone can stay in agreement from first draft to final deliverable with integrated design and data management software from Autodesk.

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