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Autodesk at the UN Climate Change Conference - COP27

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Leading industries to decarbonize

Autodesk supports policies and international efforts to promote measurement and reduction of carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste production in our industries, as well as broader national and global commitments, including market-based efforts, to tackle climate change.

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Autodesk at COP27

Autodesk sponsored the United Nations Environment Programme Building Pavilion at COP27. Watch the replay of the talks now.   

Going Retro for Net Zero: How Housing Retrofits Save Embodied Carbon

Ximena Rico, Government Affairs Lead, Autodesk LATAM - President and Founder BIM Task Group Mexico

Ximena joined Build Change to discuss the ways that structural retrofits go beyond improving the resilience of buildings to driving down carbon emissions globally.


The power of partnerships to decarbonize industries

Architecture 2030, Smithsonian, WBCSD

Decarbonization and addressing embodied carbon emissions are easier than ever before. Learn more about how strategies, techniques, and technologies can bring sustainability to the forefront of a design from the very beginning, and even for an existing asset.

2030 is Today - how we can act NOW to halve built environment emissions by 2030

Marta Bouchard, AEC Sustainability Lead, Autodesk

In this session led by WBCSD and WorldGBC on behalf of the BuildingtoCOP Coalition, Marta provided an overview of actions and implementable solutions to reduce the entire whole life carbon emissions of the built environment.

Integrating Across Sectors: Business Leaders in Energy, Buildings & Circular

Rama Dunayevich, Global Impact Partnerships, Autodesk

Building Council for Sustainable Energy moderated this panel with industry leaders to discuss the need to create partnerships to deploy technology solutions, facilitate innovation, increase resilience, and realize economic and mitigation benefits.

  • What is ESG, and why is ESG investing good for the planet and business?

    Businesses must take the lead in mitigating climate change's effects. Learn why environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a key step.


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Driving Sustainable Outcomes

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Design and Manufacturing

A focus on sustainability throughout design and manufacturing processes helps businesses realize a host of positive outcomes, including energy and material cost savings, faster manufacturing times, greater predictability, more durable and resilient products, and more. This e-book looks at the options available to drive sustainability in product design and manufacturing

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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Net zero is at the top of corporate agendas, in the front of consumers’ minds, and a consistent theme of legislation, regulations, and government funding around the globe. This e-book identifies the drivers, gaps, and opportunities for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

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What is Embodied Carbon

Measuring and reducing emissions from building materials and construction, referred to as embodied carbon, can help the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction meet net zero goals.

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  • Scottish Canals, the power of digital twin technologies

    Produced for Autodesk by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the film follows Scottish Canals Head of Engineering Peter Robinson as he paddleboards along the Glasgow canals, talking about the challenges their long-neglected canal routes faced and how they used smart technology and sustainable concepts to help rejuvenate the area.

    Watch the Short Documentary (05:36)

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  • Build Change, Scaling safe housing

    Build Change is a social enterprise - supported by Autodesk Foundation - with the mission to prevent loss of life and loss of housing caused by disasters. It retrofits existing homes and constructs new ones in places at risk for natural disasters, like Colombia’s capital city of Bogota.


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