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Autodesk, Inc. thanks you for your recent correspondence to our Licence Compliance Team. As an international company that believes in protecting intellectual property, Autodesk devotes substantial time and effort towards fighting software piracy and we appreciate your shared interest in this cause.

Our staff promptly handles questions or requests for information on software piracy. We actively pursue all reports of possible unauthorised copying and/or distribution of Autodesk software.

Someone from our Licence Compliance Department, or the outside legal counsel representing Autodesk, Donahue, Gallagher, Woods LLP, may be contacting you for additional information. Your identity and information will remain confidential. However, due to the large volume of reports and the sensitive legal nature of these matters, it is not possible for us to provide feedback or updates about actions taken on your submission. This in no way reduces the importance of your submission to us. Please be assured that every submission is taken seriously, investigated and followed by whatever action is deemed necessary.

Autodesk makes available valuable information you can use to protect yourself from pirated software, as well as information about Autodesk initiatives designed to protect customers and combat software piracy. To find out more, visit

Once again, we thank you for your interest and participation in fighting software piracy!

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Licence Compliance Team

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