Autodesk Initiative


Autodesk is committed to helping our customers, communities, and employees thrive in the era of automation. 

Automation and the future of work

Autodesk believes that automation technology, including artificial intelligence, is needed to help businesses and society meet the demands of our growing and urbanizing global population. We recognize that technological change drives disruption—and Autodesk is committed to helping workers adapt and thrive. We believe employees prosper by adopting a mindset of continuous learning, acquiring the most in-demand skills, and securing the most fulfilling roles.

Preparing for the future of work

Autodesk is investing in customers by developing training and technology to help workers learn new skills, earn professional credentials, and collaborate with automation tools in new and exciting ways to advance their careers.

Autodesk credentials

Industries are rapidly evolving, and Autodesk training enables workers to keep pace. Our industry-validated  certifications help workers future-proof their skills and employers stay ahead.

In-product learning

Promising new technologies pair the power of algorithms with the problem-solving insight of people. Autodesk is developing new ways to combine artificial and human intelligence—so our customers succeed.

Future of work technology for all

Autodesk collaborates with start-ups and trade, educational, and government organizations to advance workforce adaptability. We invest in solutions and policies that help workers and employers prosper.

  • Nonprofits and start-ups

    Autodesk Foundation provides funding that helps organizations such as ISAIC and Zinc tackle systemic workforce challenges.

  • Students and educators

    Autodesk offers access to technology and learning content to help students and educators acquire and teach in-demand skills. 

  • Skilled trades

    Autodesk supports qualified trade union-affiliated programs to train, test, and certify members in fast-growing fields across the United States.

  • Government advocacy

    A robust economy begins with inclusive work. Autodesk’s policy agenda is focused on ensuring workers thrive as work evolves.

Monitoring cross-industry trends

We're collaborating with industry analysts to watch the trends that are reshaping the way we work. Read the latest reports to keep your workforce ready to succeed in a fast-changing market.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Monitor Deloitte explores how to close the gap between supply and demand for new skills in an ever-evolving market.

Is APAC Ready for the Future of Work?

Find out how work is shifting across the Asia Pacific region and what you can do to prepare in this report from Deloitte Access Economics.

The Future of Work in EMEA

Work is being redefined across Europe and Africa, and the RSA shines a light on what workers and employers can do to prepare.

Automation and a Changing Economy

Find out how policy and the public sector can support the new automation age: Read these recommendations from the Aspen Institute.

Investing in our employees

While fostering an inclusive culture of impact and equitable employee experience, Autodesk offers extensive professional and technical development opportunities to help our employees adapt to an ever-changing workplace. 

Diversity and belonging

Autodesk is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace now—and in the future. Diversity fuels new ideas, creativity, and business growth, and a diverse workforce creates innovative products, solutions, and experiences for our customers. 

Learning and development

We’re investing in the workforce of the future. Our 2020 skills assessment helped us understand gaps in both technical and behavioral skills—informing our path forward to ensure employees have the skills they need to build a meaningful career at Autodesk. 

Sharing insights and executive perspectives on the future of work

Hear directly from Autodesk executives about key industry trends and learn how we’re supporting workers, business, and society.

Autodesk’s CEO Andrew Anagnost interviews MIT’s Andy McAfee about everything from technology, sustainability, and talent—to today’s tech firm landscape and McAfee’s book More from Less.

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Autodesk’s CMO Lisa Campbell explains how the company’s new certification program helps today’s workforce prepare for the age of automation.

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In a conversation with Fortune India, Rajeev Mittal, Autodesk’s Managing Director India, discusses the future of tech, automation, and how India can be self-reliant.

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Autodesk’s Senior Director of Impact Innovation Joe Speicher explores new ways to fill skills gaps in the manufacturing and construction industries that go well beyond the typical focus on re-skilling workers.

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