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The future is being built today

Having become a strong player abroad with its success in mega projects, Yüksel Proje is among the industry's leading companies in digital transformation. With an R&D team boasting the highest level of expertise in the use of Autodesk AEC, which includes the BIM (Building Information Modeling) toolkit, Yüksel Proje is able to make a significant difference in its projects. Utilizing its engineering and consultancy knowledge in its BIM infrastructure, the company is able to achieve its targets for high efficiency, even in the most complex projects.

Engineering, design and construction management in over 30 countries

Positioned among the largest exporters of its industry in Türkiye, Yüksel Proje provides engineering, design and construction management services in more than 30 countries. According to ENR News Record’s data, Yüksel Proje, with a 1,000+ strong team, and various national and international offices and construction sites, continues to climb the ranks among the top 225 international design firms every year.

Yüksel Proje, which registered the first R&D Center in its industry in 2017 and elevated its innovative projects, utilizes the most suitable technologies for its global goals. Yüksel Proje uses Autodesk AEC, an Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solution Package which includes the integrated BIM (Building Information Modeling) toolset, and Autodesk ACC, which is a cloud solution.

“As a company that has carried out various mega projects, we aim for the highest efficiency, and we need to use software technologies in order to achieve this goal,” and added: “We have a large project research team of over 100 architects and engineers, and 22 experts in this team are solely focused on R&D.”

İdil Pora, Board Member and Istanbul Regional Manager, Yüksel Proje

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

AEC Excellence Award for two projects

Yüksel Proje won the prestigious AEC Excellence Award in 2019 with two different projects in two different categories. Participating under Infrastructure Design, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ümraniye - Ataşehir - Göztepe Metro Line project received an award in the “Large Projects” category, while the Istanbul Rail System Design Services - Phase 1 project received an award in the “Medium Projects” category. The former was selected as one of the top five projects in the last 10 years (AEC Excellence Awards 10 Years – “The Best of the Best”).

Emphasizing the 45-year user experience behind the Autodesk architecture, engineering and construction solutions and Yüksel Proje's critical role in this experience, Autodesk AEC Industry Sales Manager Özgür İleri says: “It is not a coincidence that Yüksel Proje is the best in the world. Its R&D department, which consists of advanced users and software developers, is a key factor in this success.”

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Integrated BIM tools that give Yüksel Proje a competitive advantage

Yüksel Proje competes with players around the world as well as those in Türkiye. The way to stay ahead of the competition is through saving on costs and time. In order to do so, a company needs to have a solid BIM infrastructure on top of competent human resources. To that end, Autodesk AEC offers an infrastructure that is highly suitable for Yüksel Proje's innovative perspective, and helps the company reduce its costs and increase its efficiency.

Yüksel Proje undertakes projects that require an innovative approach at all times, in addition to significant research and expertise; that is why it works with experts from different disciplines.

Yüksel Proje's R&D department, which is also competent in software development, realizes innovative solutions that boost the company's efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

BIM platform available to all disciplines

Yüksel Proje BIM Department Manager and Civil Engineer Serhat Kaş states that they use BIM-based software in both design and design consultancy processes. They are able to serve with their own experts in a given project, covering all disciplines from structure to architecture, mechanics to fire, and geotechnical engineering to drilling research.

Serhat Kaş says: “All of our experts are able to work on the Autodesk AEC platform, which includes integrated BIM tools. Accordingly, we are able to design every project with innovative approaches from concept design to construction completion. This holistic and innovative approach enables us to make a difference, especially in transportation projects and industrial plants.”

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

16-kilometer metro line

The 16-kilometer metro project under construction in Istanbul is a good example of the difference Yüksel Proje has made. This project integrates all disciplines.

BIM Department Manager Serhat Kaş: “We are designing and coordinating the entire 16-kilometer line with Autodesk tools. We are also carrying out activities such as site mobilization, model-based progress tracking, and construction simulations with the Autodesk software.”

InfraWorks tool was used in the master plan study for Filyos Port Area.
Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Use of InfraWorks in master plans

The same holistic approach has been incorporated into the master plan works. Serhat Kaş says: “We now carry out these projects in 3D with the InfraWorks preliminary design tool.” They create a single, real-scale, 3D master plan file where they process all design inputs from road structures to building layouts, and works of art to infrastructure routes. In doing so, they are able to easily examine the effects of disciplines on each other, and ensure that design decisions are taken quickly with the project stakeholders.

Serhat Kaş states that the facilities they have designed for defense industry organizations are a good example of their 3D master plan works. The InfraWorks tool proved to be very useful in their master plan work for the Port of Filyos. They are also pleased that they are able to use this solution in the financing process of the project during the idea stage. They recently carried out a similar process with financial institutions during the proposal phase of a power plant set to be built in Ireland.

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Coordination provided on the Autodesk AEC Platform

R&D Department Deputy Manager and Survey Engineer Gökay Görkem Genç: “We now deal with extremely complex structures. Requirements and demands are quite high, so it is getting much harder to coordinate such projects. This is where you can make a difference with technology and your software development skills. We provide coordination on the Autodesk AEC platform.”

They can pre-define and analyze the structure's coordination requirements with APIs and Dynamo codes they have developed with different software languages. Genç says: “Our ability to define the coordination criteria with this method is very much beneficial for control in the future.”

Türkiye's largest natural gas storage facility, which was built in Tuz Gölü, is a good example in terms of demonstrating the coordination skills of Yüksel Proje.

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

On-site coordination

Görkem Genç states that the open platform and development opportunities provided by Autodesk are key for on-site coordination. Türkiye's largest natural gas storage facility, which was built at Lake Tuz, is a good example for demonstrating Yüksel Proje's coordination skills. These facilities are complex projects where many different contractors are involved, superstructure and infrastructure are intertwined, and production software is used.

Genç says: “Lake Tuz Facility has an infrastructure network that requires connected workflows and simultaneous use of different software. We manage the coordination of this network through Autodesk software and platforms such as Plant 3D with similar developments and integrations.”

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Urban scale coordination

All of the metro, railway and highway projects designed by Yüksel Proje require urban scale coordination. For instance, a metro line that goes on for many kilometers can pass through the most central, and therefore the most complex and challenging locations in Istanbul. In these projects, all infrastructure coordination and 3D environmental coordination activities are integrated on the Autodesk AEC platform.

Ceyhan Crude Oil Storage Facility was modeled with ReCap in the renovation project.
Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Modeling reality with ReCap

Görkem Genç: “The software and tools provided by Autodesk are highly successful in solving the problems related to our needs.” For instance, the renovation project for the Ceyhan Terminal required reality modeling. “We didn't have a 40-year-old facility or a project we could examine,” says Genç, and continues: “We created point clouds with laser scanners and drone measurements. Using Autodesk's reality capture tool ReCap, we modeled every inch of the existing facility, providing the perfect draft for the upcoming project.”

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

Increased competitiveness with cloud-based solutions

BIM Department Manager and Civil Engineer Serhat Kaş: “Cloud-based solutions have made us stronger in the global market.” They are using Autodesk Cloud Construction solutions in an ongoing project for a salmon production facility in Japan, enabling faster, more efficient and collaborative work. Noting that they adopt a design approach where all modules of ACC Cloud solutions are included in the process, Serhat Kaş says: “In this project, we are carrying out the design and construction cooperation processes with project stakeholders from different countries through the ACC platform. We have digitized all project processes by using all of our cloud-based solutions.”

They have used Autodesk's cloud-based solutions from day one for the world's largest maintenance and repair facility set to be built at Istanbul Airport by Turkish Airlines. In doing so, they have saved on tens of thousands of layouts for the three-year project, making it possible to realize sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

Photo courtesy of Yüksel Proje

A brand new dimension to explore with the Unreal Engine Gaming Platform

Gökay Görkem Genç: “The fact that we can use the Autodesk AEC platform so well has enabled us to develop innovative solutions.” Highlighting that they are able to achieve city-wide presentation of virtual reality and augmented reality by using game engines, Genç added:

“Unreal Engine is one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. They are also engaged in a significant collaboration with Autodesk. We are able to gamify the 3D models we have produced with Autodesk’s software on the Unreal platform. Say you modeled every aspect of an industrial plant project from infrastructure to superstructure, and transferred it to the Unreal platform; you can then start exploring this model you set up and configuring the details as if you are walking around in a video game. It is now possible to experience Istanbul's long metro lines on the Unreal platform.”

Yüksel Proje: Excellence in use of BIM

Yüksel Proje is able to maintain its success thanks to its experience in realizing the most complex projects in domestic and foreign markets, even achieving breakthroughs in many fields, and its advanced expertise in using BIM infrastructure.

İdil Pora, Board Member and Istanbul Regional Manager at Yüksel Proje, says: “As we continue to introduce the power of Turkish engineering to the world, we are proud of the level of excellence we have achieved in our BIM capabilities,” and added:

“We believe it is our duty to set standards for the industry across Türkiye. As a company that specializes in BIM projects, we are happy to be working with Autodesk.”

İdil Pora, Board Member and Istanbul Regional Manager, Yüksel Proje

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