Leaders in Portugal in the use of BIM Methodology


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Image courtesy of Openbook

The importance of working in the cloud

In the project of PHC Software's new building, with around 4,000 m2, the BIM methodology was key to adjusting deadlines, reducing costs and having greater communication with all the work teams.

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PHC Headquarters, Taguspark - Portugal. Image courtesy of OPENBOOK.

Leadership and innovation as a driver of change

OPENBOOK Architecture is a Portuguese provider employing more than 45 professionals including architects, designers, and project managers. The company, based in Lisbon and Sao Paulo, seeks to address its projects in Europe, Africa, and South America by offering integrated solutions through BIM methodology.

OPENBOOK started using BIM in its projects in 2007, which led US to minimize design errors and improve synchronization between the different teams involved in the project. Although it is not one of the most widely used methodologies in Portugal, OPENBOOK is committed to the use of BIM to be one of the pioneering companies in the construction sector in Portugal.

The importance of BIM in digital transformation

OPENBOOK was born with Revit as their production tool, which makes it one of the few companies in Portugal with more than 40 architects working in Revit. AutoCAD is only used to open external files and quickly convert them into the Revit format. It represents a significant investment for the company, but it ensures greater productivity and a better service for our clients.

Although the BIM methodology was implemented late in Portugal, in the last 2 years it has become more and more popular to the point where clients are also becoming aware of this work process.

“Working on an integrated three-dimensional model gives us greater control over the proposed architectural solutions, validated by Enscape as a visualization software, as well as ensuring greater rigor of the integrated solution. It also allows for accurate quantification of the work to be carried out on site.”

Rodrigo Sampayo, OPENBOOK, Architecture

Fotos casos de éxito

BIM model section - PHC Headquarters, Tagus Park - Portugal. Image courtesy of OPENBOOK.

Optimized, sustainable and efficient office

The Simulador I building is located in Taguspark, the largest science and technology park in Portugal, located in the Oeiras Valley, near Lisbon. Designed to be the new headquarters of PHC Software, a multinational technology company, with a total area of around 8,000m2.

This project developed for Taguspark was carried out focusing on the cost of construction, which meant that numerous changes and rectifications had to be made during the process. The BIM software was crucial to the success of the process, as it allowed us to evaluate in real time all the solutions to be implemented, enabling us to assess the impact of the proposed alternatives. The fact that the construction company DST Group is well acquainted with the BIM process was decisive in optimising the schedule of the works, as all the preparation of the works was carried out on the integrated model.

“In a project with the characteristics of PHC, the use of BIM methodology was based on trust and connection between all parties involved in the project development. The main advantages of the process undertaken by all parties are the agility in the decision-making process, the accuracy in obtaining quantities to assess costs, the simulation of solutions for framing the decision and the optimization. These advantages translate into an ability to forecast and control the project and the construction work itself. It is important to mention that in terms of project execution, the help of BIM tools means a clarification and simplification of potential conflicts, for example in areas with a high specialties density. In sum, by using BIM, all parties involved in the project, including the client, designers, site managers and technical teams, have at their disposal a powerful database which they can use to support their decision-making, resulting in a speeding up of the design and construction process itself.”

João Marcelo Silva, bim+ – DST Group

Fotos casos de éxito

PHC Headquarters, Tagus Park - Portugal. Image courtesy of OPENBOOK. Photo © Fernando Guerra / FG + SG

Continuous learning to be more efficient

At OPENBOOK we rely on our BIM consultants to provide ongoing training for our team and all new members. As the entire production line is set up in Revit, we don't necessarily need to hire staff with Revit training, as they will have to learn the software to work with us. This is usually a one-to-three-month process. Again, this is a big investment on our part, but it defends our position as technological leader in the sector in Portugal.

A major implementation process started in 2018 to further improve our Revit modelling skills, enrich our models with information and improve the process and methodology to make it more in line with the new BIM international standards.

Trusted partners

To carry out all the company's projects, OPENBOOK uses Revit in all its work. We have a great relationship with our Autodesk partner, Luso Cuanza, which advises us about the type of licenses most suited to our needs. All BIM training and management is done in-house through the external consultant Limsen Consulting.

With the Covid 19 pandemic we were able to see that even though we were all working remotely, we did not suffer any losses thanks to the fact that we were working on a cloud platform.