Digitalization in Building License and Approval Processes


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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has initiated many innovative projects to make Istanbul by 2050 a livable city where urban services and facilities are provided both qualitatively and spatially fairly.

BIMIST, which was developed by the IMM Department of Development and Urbanization with Autodesk BIM applications, and aims to digitize the building permit and approval processes, is one of these projects.

“Today, our most important issue in Istanbul is a healthy construction. Reconstruction is at the heart of our goal of transforming Istanbul into a livable city. Creating a digital twin of the city with all its layers gives us a very powerful tool for healthy construction. We see the BIMIST project, which we developed with Autodesk BIM applications, as a very important step on the road to digitalization at the urban scale."

—Gürkan Akgün, Head of Development and Urbanization Department, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

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