BG&E levels-up with larger, more complex projects

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BG&E, the multi-discipline engineering firm, have transformed the way they work through investing in, and embracing BIM. To advance them on their digital journey, they’ve been able to leverage digital efficiencies and integrate them into their design workflows. Through using Revit, tools in the AEC collection, and BIM Collaborate Pro, BG&E have been able to work with greater accuracy, improve efficiency, and have better communication with clients. This investment in technical excellence has become the backbone of the firm – giving them competitive advantage.

BG&E have won larger, more complex projects, expanded their services, and can offer a wider set of expertise. Their work on Fiona Stanley Hospital, Quay Quarter Tower and Parramatta Square have been shining examples of the benefits of the use of technology and data management and the greater value they’re now able to deliver to clients. They’re continuing to look to the future and are concentrated on using their way of working to fuel a powerful and robust data management strategy.

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