What’s New in AutoCAD 2022? Get Digital Collaboration Across Platforms With Trace

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Now more than ever, digital collaboration is key to successful project delivery. AutoCAD 2022 makes collaborating on designs easier with Trace. Here’s how you and your team can benefit from this new feature.

Streamline Drawing Review Cycles With Trace

Think of Trace as a digital version of tracing paper laid over a drawing. But now it’s digital and collaborative where teammates can add feedback right in the DWG file, without altering the existing drawing. Collaborators can create a Trace in the AutoCAD web or mobile apps to markup design changes. Back in AutoCAD on desktop you can open your drawing and use the Traces palette to see the feedback in the context of the DWG file to incorporate the changes to your drawing. There’s no need for red pens or drafting dots.

AutoCAD 2022 Trace

Trace is a multiplatform digital workflow that lets you collaborate with your team wherever they are, and it streamlines the drawing review cycle.

New commands for Trace include:

  • TRACE – Opens and manages traces from the command prompt.
  • TRACEBACK – Displays the host drawing with full saturation, while dimming the trace geometry.
  • TRACEFRONT – Displays the active trace with full saturation, while dimming the host drawing geometry.
  • TRACEPALETTECLOSE – Closes the Trace palette.
  • TRACEPALETTEOPEN – Opens the Trace palette where you can view and manage traces in the current drawing.

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