Video of the Month: Laser Cutting With AutoCAD 2017


In a recent installment of the Build Your AutoCAD IQ webinar series, Autodesk technical support specialists take you on an in-depth tutorial for laser cutting with AutoCAD 2017.

autocad_laser_cuttingUsing a chess set as an example, the “3rd Dimension and Laser Cutting with AutoCAD 2017” video goes through the process step-by-step — from AutoCAD file prep to configuring the laser cutter. Featured files are in 2D, so AutoCAD LT users can glean information for their own use. The webinar also discusses where and how you can access laser cutters.

“The cool thing is [that laser cutting is] another opportunity to go from the digital to the tangible,” said contributor Alex Buller in the video. “It’s also a great method for testing out our models and avoiding very expensive materials. We can do a lot of these laser cuts and etching, even on cardboard… We’re going over a whole lot of things.”

Ready to explore the world of laser cutting with AutoCAD 2017? Check out the webinar now!

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