Video of the Month: Lynn Allen’s Fall Collection of AutoCAD Tips

Lynn Allen Cadalyst AutoCAD Video Tips

It’s getting darker earlier and autumn is in full swing. Grab a pumpkin-spiced anything, sit back, and enjoy Lynn Allen’s AutoCAD video tips from this fall—all courtesy of Cadalyst Magazine!

The Undo Command Master Class

Why not take a master class from the ultimate master of all things AutoCAD? Lynn takes you step-by-step through the Undo command and shows what you might be missing to customize it for even more productivity.

Snap to AutoCAD Hatch Patterns and Extension Lines

Oh, snap! Cadalyst says, “If you’ve ever grabbed the endpoint of an extension line rather than the intended object, or wished you could grab the individual objects in a crosshatch pattern, then this tip is for you!” We agree—check it out!

Dock AutoCAD Palettes for Speedy Access

“What are these three things on the left-hand side of the screen?” Lynn answers one of her most popular questions about palettes to help you save time and be more productive.

Don’t forget that Lynn Allen’s AutoCAD 2018 Tips & Tricks and The Best of Lynn Allen’s Tips & Tricks are available for download now! And, if you’re looking for more videos, check out the full Video of the Month series!

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