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What do an architect, a mechanical or civil engineer, a product designer (and the list goes on) all have in common?

AutoCAD tool palette right-click tabs. AutoCAD Tuesday Tips.This isn’t a set up for a cheesy joke. It’s AutoCAD, of course! But what they don’t have in common is the workflow—and that’s why AutoCAD customization is crucial to getting each individual job done.

Customization is the key to efficiency and automating specific processes or accessing frequently used tools. By tailoring it to your specific workflow, AutoCAD becomes personalized to you since it’s much different designing a part or product versus a building or structure.

Here are some great resources to aid in customization so you can be more productive and save even more time.

AutoCAD 2017 Customization Guide

This in-depth guide takes you through a variety of customization options, including user interfaces; migrate and transfer settings; custom linetypes and hatch patterns; DIESEL; programming interfaces; shape and shape fonts; and much more.

Top Ways to Customize AutoCAD

Just getting started with AutoCAD customization? Check out this list of customizations that may surprise you.

AutoCAD Customization Boot Camps

autocad_customizations_boot_campAt Autodesk University 2016, Autodesk’s Lee Ambrosius presented two AutoCAD customization boot camps for both beginners and more advanced users. You can download the entire presentations and all of the in-depth supporting materials; it’s almost as good as being there. (Almost!)

Autodesk Community

The Autodesk Community has an entire section devoted to AutoCAD customization. Take a look for some insider tips or post a question.

AutoCAD Blog

We would be remiss if there wasn’t a plug for the AutoCAD blog’s eight-part series Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations by Robert R. Bell. And be sure to check out Heidi Hewett’s Customizing the AutoCAD Tool Palette — Once Around the Blocks, too!

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