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AutoCAD Quick Access Toolbar: Adding the Layer drop-down list

This tip works for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Switching to the Home tab on the ribbon just to change your current layer is so tedious!  Why not put the Layer drop-down list on the Quick Access toolbar (QAT) for speedy access at all times. A simple right-click on the Layer drop-down list enables you to easily add it to the QAT.

Right-click to add a tool to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Right-click to add a tool to the Quick Access toolbar.

Feel free to add any tool from any ribbon tab that you use often. This saves you from having to browse to various ribbon tabs for favorite commands. After you have added your tools, the QAT also allows for easy customization to organize the tools that are placed on it.

Bonus Tip! Add tools to the QAT for temporary tasks and when you are done with those tools, simply right-click and remove.

Right-click to remove a tool from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Right-click to remove a tool from the Quick Access toolbar.

Here’s a short video of the tip in action:

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