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Autodesk CAD Manager Center: CAD manager and engineer discuss an Autodesk software project.

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs exploring the new Autodesk® CAD Manager Center.

News flash: Good CAD management will at least amplify, and could easily multiply, your firm’s productivity and effectiveness. Do it well and you win—the only question is by how much.

But, another news flash: CAD management is hard, involving a complex, sprawling, ever-evolving mix of technologies, standards, and—potentially the most difficult of all—people.

How do you stay on top of all that? By visiting your home for the best, expert-created resources for promoting CAD management success: the Autodesk CAD Manager Center.

Autodesk CAD Manager Center: Helping you three ways

Need a competitive edge, a more effective means of executing projects, or just simpler, more reliable methods for rolling out and managing software? The Autodesk CAD Manager Center has it all.

Let’s start with some short videos.

In 2015 we invited several of our top go-to CAD management pros to discuss their—and thus your—many challenges and opportunities. The roundtable discussion, moderated by book and Cadalyst author Robert Green, is captured here on video, each 1 – 2 minutes long.

Next week: Can you articulate at least three of the ways that good CAD management confers a competitive advantage? You will after reading this.

Leslie Feldman

Leslie is fanning the glowing embers of the AutoCAD Blog into a raging (yet carefully managed!) bonfire, bringing light and warmth to AutoCAD customers wherever they're huddled. He has been writing, editing, helping design, and managing the production of high-tech marketing communications—everything from party invitations, web banners, and tweets to annual reports, white papers, and animated videos—for longer than he cares to admit. So don't ask. Leslie is thrilled to be back in the Autodesk saddle after 14 years spent wandering the desolate, non-Autodesk high-tech landscape.

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