Multileader Style and Creating Custom Multileaders: Tuesday Tips With Seth

Multileader Style

We all add notes (multileaders) to our drawings. Notes can convey anything from how something should be built, to designating a spec that needs to be followed for construction. Many users just use the default multileaders without realizing the power of what multileaders can do.

For this week and next week’s Tuesday Tips, we will explore more about multileaders. First, let’s discuss how they are controlled by styles and how you can create custom multileaders to automate your notes.

Section notes AutoCAD
Typical section notes
marking notes AutoCAD
Pavement marking notes

Multileader Control

All the settings for how a multileader is displayed in AutoCAD are controlled by the multileader style. You access the Multileader Style Manager dialog box from the Ribbon: Annotate tab > Leaders panel > Panel dialog box Launcher.

Multileader Style Manager AutoCAD

The Multileader Style Manager dialog box allows you to create and modify multileader styles.

Multileader Style Manager AutoCAD

When creating a multileader style, there are three tabs in the multileader style dialog box. Below is a brief overview of each tab. To better understand what each setting does in each tab, refer to the AutoCAD Help.

Multileader Style Manager AutoCAD tabs

Leader Format Tab
The Leader Format tab contains settings for the leader such as what type of leader, the size, and property settings.

Leader Structure Tab
The Leader Structure tab contains settings that control the constraints, landing settings, and scale of the multileader.

Leader Content Tab
The Leader Content tab contains settings for what you want your multileader to be (text, block ,or none) and how you want the multileader to look when you “drag” it around.

Creating Custom Multileaders

In most of your projects, you have standard notes that are the same for every project. Multileaders can automate this for you.

First, create a multileader style, and set all the settings you want in the Leader Format and Leader Structure tab to your desired settings. Then in the Leader Content tab, click the Set default text button.

create a multileader style AutoCAD

You will be prompted with the standard AutoCAD text editor window. Type the text that you want for the note, and click in space when you are done.

AutoCAD text editor

The text you entered will appear in the note preview window.

preview window AutoCAD

Now, when you place this note, you will be prompted to Overwrite the default text.

default text AutoCAD

If you click no, your text appears automatically.

text in AutoCAD

Stay tuned for next week’s Tuesday Tip when we will discuss how to add multileaders to tool palettes for real automation.

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