The Hitchhiker’s Guide to … the Basics of AutoCAD Dimensions

AutoCAD dimensions examples. Hitchhiker's guide to basics of AutoCAD dimensions.

When we talk about the basics of AutoCAD dimensions, we’re really talking about the basic components of AutoCAD dimensions. First of all, there are many dimensioning styles that specify different arrowhead types, lineweights, text placement, tolerances, and so on. With the Dimension Style Manager, you specify the dimension settings that you want to use. You can store these settings as a dimension style in a drawing template (DWT) file, so the dimension styles that were stored are all available when you start a new drawing.

AutoCAD dimensions examples. Hitchhiker's guide to basics of AutoCAD dimensions.

Using a single command, you can create a variety of dimension types, including horizontal, vertical, aligned, and radial. The dimension value is automatically extracted from the object being dimensioned, so you’re assured the value is always correct.

AutoCAD dimension types. Hitchhiker's guide to basics of AutoCAD dimensions.

If you need to make simple adjustments, such as moving the dimension text or moving the dimension line, nothing is faster than using grips.

AutoCAD grips. Hitchhiker's guide to basics of AutoCAD dimensions.

You can check out these topics, and more, in a visit to …

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Sit in on this AutoCAD recorded class from AU 2015. In no time, you’ll be at home with all aspects of dimensioning from creating, modifying, and aligning them to working with dimension components and layers.

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