Getting Better All the Time – Everyday AutoCAD Command Improvements, Part 5: Tuesday Tips with Lynn


Well, we’ve finally done it. I started this five-part series by telling you AutoCAD is getting better all the time. Sometimes the updates are big and flashy, like PDF Import, and sometimes the updates cause some longtime users a bit of grief, like when we introduced the ribbon interface. But most everyday AutoCAD command improvements are just that: Improvements to the tools you’re already using every day. Today, in the series’ final installment, we’ll see what’s new (and exciting!) with associative center marks and centerlines, and PDF enhancements.

Associative center marks and centerlines

Use these tools to place lines at the center of circles and arcs, or between two lines and polylines. These objects are associative, which means when you change the geometry, the centerlines and center marks will go along for the ride and automatically update!


PDF enhancements

You’ll find the updated PDFs in AutoCAD are slimmer and faster! More font types (including SHX) are fully supported. That means that more text can be highlighted, copied, and searched.

Export to DWFTM and Export to PDF options have been split, and they each have their own Export Options dialogs.PDF Enhancements

PDF export options for hyperlinks and bookmarks have been added.PDF Enhancements

Bonus Tip! Use hyperlinks to link sheets, named views, external websites, and files—or link from objects such as images, blocks, fields, etc.

Four different predefined PDF options can be found when plotting, so you can easily select the one suited to your needs.PDF Enhancements

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