The Essential AutoCAD 2018 Course: Tuesday Tips

AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning

Think you know everything there is to know about AutoCAD 2018? Well, then you’re probably LinkedIn Learning instructor Shaun Bryant. And if you’re not him, then you can’t miss his course. Read on to find out what you’ll learn when you tune into AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training.

AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning

First off, it’s a 10-hour course — but don’t panic! Each of the 19 chapters (including an introduction and a conclusion) is broken down into simple and easy-to-understand segments that range from 2-8 minutes. So, go at your own pace, and become a master of everything from Workspaces to Layer Tools to Batch Plotting. Each chapter concludes with a quiz so you can make sure you’re getting it all right!

AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training

Preview two of the course’s segments here:

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If that’s not enough, Shaun also offers courses on more specialized AutoCAD work, like how to prepare for an AutoCAD certification exam, developing CAD standards, and getting your DWG files ready for Revit linking. You can find all of Shaun’s AutoCAD courses here.

AutoCAD Architecture Essential Training on LinkedIn LearningAutoCAD Mobile App on LinkedIn Learning

About Shaun

Shaun Bryant is an Autodesk Certified Instructor in both AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. Shaun has sales, support, and technical expertise, CAD managerial skills, and 30 years of industry experience. He has worked as a consultant, trainer, manager, and user, all of which helped him develop a diverse skillset. His career has included 18 years as a CAD, BIM, and facilities management consultant and trainer, with the earlier years of his CAD career in sales, pre-sales, and business development. He also has industry experience as a CAD manager/user. Shaun has been a director on the board of Autodesk User Group International (AUGI), and he is also the author of the reputable CAD blog, Not Just Cad! He is a seasoned Autodesk University (AU) speaker and was the AutoCAD expert at the inaugural Autodesk University London in June 2017. He is also an Autodesk University speaker mentor, AutoCAD Influencer, and a member of the Autodesk Expert Elite program. Shaun lives in Norwich in the UK and is the owner and director of CADFMconsultants Limited.

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