AU 2017 Videos: AutoCAD Drawing Tips

AutoCAD Drawing Tips

At the heart of any AutoCAD project are the drawings. Here we “draw” upon the knowledge shared at Autodesk University for the ultimate collection of AutoCAD drawing tips for productivity; object selection and clean up; and protecting yourself from cyber threats.

AutoCAD Productivity

Martin Phelps’ presentation is targeted squarely at the technical drafter. Here, you’ll learn examples of drawing tools to aid the production of technical drawings. He also covers: “Simple changes that may be made to the user interface to aid technical drawing production; overlooked time saving sub functions of useful daily used commands; and using blocks and dynamic blocks.”

Discover all the AutoCAD drawing productivity tips this session has to offer here.

AutoCAD productivity tips

Faster Ways to Select Your Objects and Clean Up Your Drawings in AutoCAD

For KaDe King’s AU 2017 session, she wanted to help anyone who has the need to fix problems in drawings.

“A common workflow issue is managing drawings with CAD standards issues: blocks on the wrong layer, text with the wrong style or size, etc.,” King says. “I could go on and on about all the issues we face with standards in our AutoCAD files. But taking the time to fix these issues can be a daunting process. In this lab, I will walk you through several tools that AutoCAD offers to speed up this process!

“You will also learn techniques to make your drawings open faster, have smaller file sizes, and reduce crashing,” she continues. “This is a crucial part of your day-to-day workflow!”

Check out this incredible session chock full of tips to remedy many drawing problems. You can also download the in-depth handout here.

Select Objects and Clean Up Drawings in AutoCAD

AutoCAD Drawings and Cyber Theft

In this session, Autodesk’s Kevin Campbell and Davis Augustine share recent cyber threats and how to employ security best practices and AutoCAD countermeasures. The sources and perpetrators are eye-opening to say the least.

“Cybercrime and espionage have increased dramatically since 2012, and current cyber threats are profoundly more dangerous and effective,” Campbell and Augustine write. “Learn how you can protect yourself and your business from this relentless assault.”

Don’t find yourself in a position where you’re a victim of malware or worse. Watch the video to see what you can do right now.

Looking for more Autodesk University videos? Check out the entire series here.

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