Change Your AutoCAD Background Color: Tuesday Tips

Change Your AutoCAD Background Color

Basic black! It’s hip, it’s chic, it’s the default AutoCAD background color! But now that it’s spring and everything is in bloom, maybe you’re feeling a little more colorful? Well, we want you to know that you can change your AutoCAD background color to whatever you want. Read on to find out how.

Setting Custom Colors

Really, you can change just about any of the default colors in AutoCAD. Here’s what you need to do:

First, get to your Options menu (Application button > Options), select the Display tab, and click on the Colors button.

Change Your AutoCAD Background Color

Now you should see the Drawing Window Colors dialog box:

Change Your AutoCAD Background Color

From here, you can update any interface element’s color — including that of the background in any context (idea: pick different background colors for different contexts so you never get confused and make changes in the wrong one). You can choose from any of the presets, or you can choose from the entire spectrum (just choose the Select Color… option).

Change Your AutoCAD Background Color


Worry that you’ve made a huge mistake? Don’t worry, just click the appropriate Restore button:

Change Your AutoCAD Background Color

That’s it! Happy spring.

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