Celebrating the Drafters

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See how Autodesk software like AutoCAD empowers innovators to design and make a limitless galaxy, here and far, far away.

In celebration of the new Star Wars original series on Disney+, The Acolyte, we are taking a moment today to recognize drafters and everyone who uses AutoCAD to help design and make the world we live in.

Every day, people around the world use AutoCAD to bring their ideas to life. Whether its architects who are the hidden heroes of our urban landscapes that shape the spaces where we live, engineers who solve complex problems and design solutions that improve our quality of life, or educators and their students who explore and innovate: AutoCAD is more than just a piece of software.

Today, we’d like to give you an opportunity to create your own innovative design – take a look at these drawings below for some inspiration.

Download the DWG file for this project here to make your very own observatory tower in AutoCAD, to help you keep your eyes on the galaxy. Have fun! And don’t forget to check out the official trailer for The Acolyte, premiering on June 4th exclusively on Disney+.

Please note that this is intended for entertainment only. These drawings and demonstrations are solely being used for parody.

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