Boost Your Efficiency With AutoCAD Mobile

Boost your efficiency with AutoCAD Mobile

We’ve talked a lot about the different features of AutoCAD Mobile, but if you’re still wondering how it all fits together, check out this recorded AU 2017 course from Eduard Mitelman, Senior Manager for AutoCAD mobile apps, on how to boost your efficiency with AutoCAD Mobile.

AutoCAD Mobile—Use the Power of Mobile to Boost Your Efficiency

In this class, Eduard covers “how customers use the integration of AutoCAD mobile with laser measuring devices, cameras, GPS, and more. You’ll learn how to complete workflows from the office to the field and back, and share valuable tips to better ensure you’re using AutoCAD mobile to its full potential.”Boosting your efficiency with AutoCAD Mobile

Get Started With AutoCAD Mobile

Downloading AutoCAD mobile is as simple as searching for it in the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Windows Store. Remember, if you’re on subscription, you can access all of the AutoCAD mobile app’s features for free right now. Not on subscription? Not a problem. Start your 7-day free trial now to see all the can’t-miss features.


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