Best of AU Videos: AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and Delightful Drafting Techniques

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You may recognize Donnie Gladfelter (a.k.a. “The CAD Geek”) from the AutoCAD world with his blog, entertaining and informative tweets, and more. He lives and breathes AutoCAD each day, and we’re always lucky to have him speak at Autodesk University.

Hatch Boundary AutoCAD Tips

For Autodesk University Las Vegas 2018, Donnie presented “AutoCADTips,Tricks,andDelightfulDraftingTechniques.” And, if you weren’t able to be there in person, never fear! The video is now available. Don’t miss the chance to learn secret tips; how to complete common AutoCAD tasks in fewer steps; discover new features that improve productivity; and how to use AutoCAD across platforms (desktop, web, and mobile) to improve collaboration. You can see the video here.

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