Autofill AutoCAD Table Cells: Tuesday Tips With Heidi


You may know you can create tables in your AutoCAD drawings, but do you know how flexible they are? For my next few Tuesday Tips, I’ll share some of my favorite hidden gems in AutoCAD Tables, starting with a trick to autofill cell contents!

Autofill AutoCAD Table Cells

You can quickly copy cell contents from a selected cell to adjacent cells by clicking the Autofill icon in the lower right corner of the cell and then dragging the cursor across the cells (rows or columns) and clicking in the last cell you want to fill. AutoCAD automatically copies the original contents to all those adjacent cells! And… it gets even better!

Autofill AutoCAD Table Cells

You can use the same process to automatically increment cell contents. Simply select two adjacent cells with the values to increment and use the Autofill grip to fill the remaining cells!

Autofill AutoCAD Table Cells

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Check back in two weeks for info on changing your table’s direction, and don’t forget to check out the full Tuesday Tips series. Want more? LynnAllen’sAutoCAD2018Tips &Tricks and TheBestofLynnAllen’sTips & Tricks are available for download now!

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