Autodesk Labs: Between Research and Beta Testing Is… You?

Autodesk software development process from research to Autodesk Labs to beta testing.

If you’re a CAD nerd, check out Autodesk® Labs. Simple test. Do you like learning new technologies—and seeing if you can break them? Do you have clear ideas about the way software should work? Would it be pretty cool if Autodesk brought out a new AutoCAD® add-on that you knew would work for your business—because you made sure it was designed that way? Thought so.

Have we got a (free, open to the public, no NDA required, feedback intensive) “technology preview” program for you!

Of course, Autodesk Labs, which turns ten years old on June 29, 2016, benefits our users, generally, more than it will benefit you, specifically.

That’s because Autodesk Labs bridges the gap between the software concept/research phase and the beta testing of products well on their way to completion.

Find out where you fit in. Read Scott Sheppard’s post: Why does Autodesk have a Labs?

Autodesk software development process from research to Autodesk Labs to beta testing.

How do products get from there to here? Through Autodesk Labs!

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