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Taking place November 13-15 in Las Vegas, AU 2023 has so much in store. Join thousands of others to learn and connect with industry experts and gain new knowledge and skills.

Registration is open, so be sure to check out all the great keynotes, events, and sessions happening this year. They are filling up quickly so be sure to enroll today. Here’s a little sampling to get started.

AutoCAD Sessions

Save Countless Hours with Techniques to Create Design Using AutoCAD Mechanical
If you want to produce mechanical drawings that are intelligent and easy to manage, this class is for you. You’ll learn how to reuse intelligent mechanical objects across multiple drawings, and how to build and export a component database that integrates with your ERP system. Insert an automatic parts list with an exact count and watch as the Bill of Materials (BOM) updates itself intelligently with new or modified mechanical components. In addition, you’ll discover how to annotate more accurate and consistent designs by accessing standardized symbols that automatically update when design changes are made. Acquire valuable skills to create mechanical designs with ease and efficiency, saving you countless hours.

The ABCs of Transitioning to AutoCAD Electrical and Best Practices
Are you using AutoCAD software or some other program to represent your electrical controls designs? Attend this session to learn why the AutoCAD Electrical toolset is a better solution for documenting electrical controls. Even without fully implementing the Electrical toolset, you can save 25% more time than when using standard AutoCAD. Additionally, you’ll be able to run audits to verify your design, and extract information from the drawings like BOMs and wire reports.

Elevate Your Connected Workflows with AutoCAD on the Web and Mobile
Discover the possibilities of incorporating AutoCAD on the web and on mobile within your organization. Whether you’re simply marking up changes on the job site or executing web enable automations, we’ll walk you through a series of real-world examples of complete project lifecycle that seamlessly extends collaboration to new levels, allowing contributors unlock the true potential of a subscription to AutoCAD or the new AutoCAD Web.

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Leveling Up with AutoLISP in AutoCAD LT 2024
This session will provide a general understanding of how to use and work with AutoLISP in AutoCAD LT, including learning what AutoLISP is and which file formats are associated with it, loading and using AutoLISP programs, best practices for managing these files, the basics of writing and modifying AutoLISP programs, and much more.

New Features of AutoCAD Plant 3D 2024
The new AutoCAD Plant 3D 2024 software has many new features. Some are obvious, others are a bit hidden. But all are very important, improving your daily work. Come to this session to learn more!

Timber for High-Rise Buildings Using Digital Twins and BIM
Explore how, compared to concrete and steel, engineered timber can be one of the best construction materials, given its low carbon footprint.

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Saving Water and Improving Efficiency: How Autodesk Helped Sanepar
Water is the most valuable asset we have on our planet. This session will explore how Sanepar, one of the biggest water companies in Brazil, used Autodesk software, connected to other industry solutions, to discover and resolve network leaks, maximizing savings and delivering better service to the population. See the success case of Toledo’s municipality to understand how Sanepar connected AutoCAD, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ArcGIS, WaterGEMS, and SCADA to discover and resolve leaks.

Electromechanical Design Workflow for Maker Projects
Discover how to use Autodesk products for the complete electromechanical design workflow of a maker project. You’ll learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 software for the structural and mechanical design, the Electrical toolset in AutoCAD for the electrical design, and Inventor to combine the two into a full electromechanical workflow and wiring harness design.

Empowering Africa’s Development Through Autodesk Design Tools
With real-world examples and proven methodologies, learn how Autodesk’s software solutions are becoming catalysts for progress in diverse sectors across the African continent. Gain an understanding of how these tools are fostering innovation, driving sustainable growth, and addressing unique challenges faced in Africa.

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Check out the full session catalog for AutoCAD classes and a host of other educational and networking opportunities.

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