Create a Rectangle That Behaves Like a Rectangle: Tuesday Tips With Heidi


You’ve probably drawn many rectangles in AutoCAD. But are they really rectangles? What happens if you edit one of the corner grips? It’s no longer rectangular!

AutoCAD Rectangle With Constraints

That’s because using the Rectangle tool in AutoCAD actually creates a closed polyline. Flexible? Yes. But sometimes you may want to edit the size and shape while ensuring it remains rectangular.

Creating an AutoCAD Rectangle With Constraints

The trick is to apply parametric constraints!

  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. On the Parametric ribbon tab, choose AutoConstrain and select Settings (on the Command line).AutoCAD Rectangle With Constraints
  3. In the Constraint Settings dialog box, ensure the Perpendicular constraint type is selected. For the most flexibility when editing the rectangle, you’ll want to avoid applying unnecessary constraints. For example, if you also apply horizontal or vertical constraints, the object will remain rectangular but can not be rotated.AutoCAD Rectangle With Constraints
  4. Select and edit the rectangle.AutoCAD Rectangle With Constraints

Voilà! A rectangle that behaves like a rectangle!

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