AutoCAD Podcast Episode 4: What’s New in AutoCAD 2024 


After a short break to focus efforts on the latest release of AutoCAD, we’re joined again by Dan Whitcombe as he and Prakriti Khanna, Sr. Product Manager for AutoCAD, are invited to expand the podcast hosting team. We also get to hear from their teammate and guest, Can Anbarlilar, Sr. Product Manager for AutoCAD, as they reflect on the latest features and functionality that focuses on accelerating your creativity. 

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To learn more on the features and capabilities covered in the episode, be sure to check out these recent blog posts: 

About the AutoCAD Podcast 

Join our hosts Marcus O’Brien, Dania El Hassan, Prakriti Khanna, & Dan Whitcombe to hear everything you want to know about Autodesk AutoCAD. In each episode we hear from special guests including Autodesk staff and customers as they speak about their unique experiences from across the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. We’ll go behind the scenes to cover the latest updates from Autodesk, new tools and features you can leverage in your workflows and much more as we explore the exciting opportunities for the future of machine learning and insights for the CAD industry. 

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