AutoCAD Online Resources: Keyboard Shortcuts (Your Hands Are Busy Enough)

Computer keyboard button says "shortcut." Online resources: AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

Life’s too short. While that’s nothing to LOL about it, you see my point. Why take time out of your productive day doing things the long way when AutoCAD® is armed to the teeth with more than 150 time- and finger-saving keyboard shortcuts? You probably already use a few dozen. Add a few more and you’ll have every right to feel fine the next time you need to knock off a few minutes early.

The AutoCAD Shortcuts Guide

  • One Key Shortcuts
  • Toggles and Screen Management
  • Hot Keys A–Z
  • Printable Keyboard Stickers
Computer keyboard button says "shortcut." Online resources: AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts

The easy way out isn’t always the best choice. But it’s usually the easiest.

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