More Shortcuts: AutoCAD One Key Shortcuts App


Everyone loves a shortcut. If you’re looking for more, the AutoCAD One Key Shortcuts app, available on the Autodesk App Store, really delivers. By adding special shortcuts mode to a keyboard, you can make a key one command or a chain of commands.

What’s in the App?

AutoCAD One Key Shortcuts

Straightforward customization is available through an easy-to-use graphical user interface; each key can have up to four shortcuts. According to the publisher, quick and intuitive macros creation is possible, such as:

  • Move dimension text: aidimtextmove{enter}1{enter}
  • Purge all: -purge{enter}all{enter}{enter}no{enter}
  • Audit and fix errors: audit{enter}y{enter}
  • Make the viewport scale “1:50”:mspace{enter}zoom{enter}scale{enter}0.02xp{enter}

To get you going, the app also includes printable stickers that you can adhere to keys. Take a look and see if this shortcut app might help make your tasks even easier than before!

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