Activity Insights and Improvements to Hatch Are Here: AutoCAD for Mac 2025


AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025 are here! We’re excited to share the new enhancements and features that provide time savings, collaboration options, and efficiencies for you to get the most out of each and every session. If you’re ready to access the latest capabilities, access your Autodesk Account to start your update.

Start Tab

Now available in AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025, the new Start Tab introduces additional efficiencies right as you open AutoCAD. It replaces the Welcome screen, providing a consistent welcome experience across AutoCAD on macOS along with other Autodesk products.

You can use the open button to open a drawing or use the dropdown to open a sheet set or sample drawings. Click new to start a new drawing from the default template or click the dropdown to browse templates or create a new sheet set. View and sort through your recent drawings or explore various online learning content and various online resources like the What’s New Online help, AutoCAD web app, AutoCAD mobile app, and more.

The Start tab highlights the most common needs, such as:

  • Resume work – Continue working where you left off
  • Begin new work – Start something new, either from a blank slate, template content, or existing content in a known location
  • Learn – Explore the product, learn new or improve existing skills, discover what has changed in the product, or receive relevant notifications
  • Engage – Engage in a customer community, give feedback, or contact customer help or support
Screenshot of AutoCAD for Mac 2025 Start Tab
The new Start tab in AutoCAD for Mac 2025.

Activity Insights

AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025 now includes Activity Insights, a tool that provides an overview of the actions that users have taken throughout the lifecycle of a DWG file.

Imagine you’re working on a project with a large team. Within that team, you’re responsible for working alongside direct contributors to gather respective edits within a single DWG file. Whether you’re responsible for design, review with annotations, or packaging and submitting the drawings, the team coordinates and communicates their updates to the file via email or manual documentation. This takes time and critical information can get lost from person to person.

With Activity Insights, which requires almost no setup, all that information is automatically logged and displayed for you via the Activity Insights palette while working within a file, or directly from the Start tab. When someone edits, creates a new version, Xrefs to another DWG, plots, or does a variety of other AutoCAD-specific actions to a DWG file, each “event” is automatically logged for everyone to see with enhanced information and the ability to filter by event type, user, and date. Past events performed in the drawing are read from a database and displayed chronologically, and simultaneously written to the database as changes are made to the drawing—keeping the content displayed in the Activity Insights palette up to date.

While AutoCAD LT for Mac only shows Version activities which are created from working with drawings stored on a supported cloud storage provider, the additional information collected in DWG files by this new feature can be viewed on AutoCAD for Mac—surfacing meaningful insights about your workflow and practices, helping you save time across your projects and as you collaborate with team members.

Screenshot of Activity Insights in AutoCAD for Mac 2025
The new Activity Insights palette open in AutoCAD for Mac 2025 showing various event logs with detailed activity properties for the active file.

Drafting With Hatch

In AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025, you now have the option to draw boundaries of your hatch after initiating the command—no longer having to rely on existing boundaries within the drawing canvas and ensuring hatches fill only the exact space you need.

In addition to drawing hatch areas, you can now create hatch textures along paths using a specified width—further extending and streamlining the ability use Hatch to create highlights and improve readability in your drawings.

Screenshot of Hatch command in use in AutoCAD for Mac 2025
The improved Hatch command being used to draw hatch textures along paths for egress routes.

Get Started Today

If you already started your update at the beginning of this post, you should be one step closer to experiencing these features first-hand—if not, what are you waiting for? Access your Autodesk Account to start your update. And if you’re not yet a subscriber, be sure to check out free trials of AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025.

Learn More

To explore these features and enhancements in detail, along with more updates included in AutoCAD for Mac 2025 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2025, take a look at the following pages in the Help section:

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