AU 2016: AutoCAD Team Shares Favorite AU Classes


Autodesk University in Las Vegas is right around the corner. Here, AutoCAD team members share some of their favorite classes and speakers from past AUs and who will be there again this year.

And if you haven’t booked your trip yet, don’t forget that early registration—along with the $425 discount off the full price—ends on Sunday, October 9. Hope to see you at some of these AU 2016 AutoCAD classes!


“Anything by Matt Murphy.” – John Beltran, Senior Software Architect and Karen Mason, Experience

“My class that I’m doing this year at AU!” – Cecilia Bao, SQA

“I like the challenge to create and deliver the best class I can.” – Dieter Schlaepfer, Principal Learning Experience Developer

au_2016_autocad_attendee“AutoCAD 360 classes, of course.”  – Ron Meldiner, Software Development Manager

“I’ve always enjoyed Jeanne Aarhus’ classes and found them to be extremely insightful.” – Sanjay Kumar, Senior Software Engineer

“The keynote. You never want to miss what Carl Bass has to say!” – Jeremy Goldman, Senior Learning Experience Designer

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